Preparing For Your Visit

Please review the HIPAA policy, and fill out the consent and insurance form at least 24 hours before our visit. This will allow us the opportunity to review your information ahead of time so that we are able to maxamize our time together.


Please do not tidy up or get dressed up. Wear comfortable clothing or just stay in your jammies. We are parents and know what it is like to have a newborn. We are not judging the state of your home or your outfit!  


Make sure baby is hungry for the appointment. Please do not feed him/her for at least an hour before our arrival. In order to observe and assist with a feeding, we need a baby that is interested in eating.


We'd like to observe you in your usual nursing nest. Please have any pillows you would normally use nearby as well as a dry diaper, two thin 2 receiving blankets, and any equipment you may have been using. We will also need a small table or space on the floor near your nest where we can set up a scale. 

If you have been keeping a feeding or pumping log, please have it available for us to review together along with all of your infant's weights and the age/dates they were taken, and any times/amounts you have been pumping.

Write down any questions you may have so that we can address them during our time together. It’s easy to forget these things!

If possible, please arrange childcare for your older children. We understand this can be difficult but even a mother’s helper to play with them in another room can make our time together more efficient. Please contain your pets in a room other than the one we will be working in. Although we are animal lovers, they can be a distraction.


If you have a breast pump please have it available. Make sure you have washed the kit (never wash the tubing). 


If your partner, a grandparent, or another caregiver is available it can be helpful to have them participate in the visit. Having an extra set or ears and eyes usually proves to be beneficial. 


For our safety, we will share your name and address with each other when one of us arrives at your home. No other information will be shared.


Relax. We are here to help you on your journey, whatever your goals may be.