Laura Sarantinoudis-Jones, BS, IBCLC

Life has truly guided my professional journey, and for that I am most thankful. It has enabled me to see the world from 30,000 feet in the air as a flight attendant, and with the birth of my first daughter Ava, I was immediately grounded when I decided to focus on being a stay at home mom.  


My passion for breastfeeding began with my own personal nursing journey: the challenges, the tears, the victories, the uncertainties, and the love. At times it can be very isolating, but this remarkable bonding experience with your baby is something I want to support and help sustain for as many wonderful parents out there as possible. In my experience, our intentions for pregnancy, labor, delivery, postpartum and breastfeeding do not always go according to plan. Breastfeeding can be hard and exhausting, but if you are committed to providing your baby with the best possible nutrition, I am here to support you in your personal journey.    


I am now eighteen months into nursing my second daughter, Ella. My perspective, confidence and understanding have helped to guide me in being a more intuitive mother. Not to say we haven't had our challenges because the ability to keep a four year old entertained while feeding an toddler takes talent, energy and a lot of creativity.

I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and member of the New Jersey Breastfeeding Coalition, New Jersey IBCLC Association, and the Pennsylvania Resource Organization for Lactation Consultants. I completed my clinical internship in 2015 at Jersey Shore University Medical Center. My personal mission is to empower families, help them to set realistic goals in their breastfeeding journies, and minimize the stress that comes with new parenthood.

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