Scale and Pump Rentals

Lucky Baby Lactation is proud to announce that we are now renting hospital grade breast pumps and high-accuracy neonatal scales!


Take a few moments to review the details of each product below and contact us if you have any questions or would like to book your rental now.


Medela Symphony Breast Pump

Retails for $1,400 and up, depending on accessories making it an impractical solution for the average family.

The Symphony is perfect for parents who:


  • Have a premature infant

  • Feel that their home pump is not producing adequate yield

  • Find that direct breastfeeding is too painful

  • Use during medical separation from an infant

  • Exclusively pump or are busy working parents needing flexibility and a quiet pump for the office


We know babies are expensive enough on their own, so we’ve made our rental prices simple and affordable.


In-Home Pump Rental Breakdown

  • 7-Day Rental: $25

  • 30-Day Rental: $75

  • 90-Day Rental: $200

  • Pump kit (if you do not already have one): $50

  • 15-minute pump consult where we can fit your pump flanges and create a routine to maximize your milk output: $30


And guess what? We deliver the pump right to your door! There are no deposits, no paying to park, no walking around a store trying to find help, no waiting on lines with a newborn, and we have pumps available at all times.


*(Parents who’ve used a Symphony while inpatient should keep the pump kit for use with the rental pump.)*


That’s not all...


Neonatal Scale

Medela Symphony

Hospital Grade Pump

Retails at $300 and most times are only needed for a 24-72 hour period making rental a more practical option than purchasing.

We also rent pediatric infant scales, as well! If your baby is having difficulty transferring milk or if your pediatrician suggests renting one to measure intake over a 24-72 hour period, we have what you need. Our scales can measure to the 1/10th of an ounce making them accurate in measuring milk transfer for even the newest and tiniest of babes. Home scales simply cannot offer this level of accuracy. 


Neonatal Scale Rental Breakdown


• 1 Week Rental: $25 

• 1 Month Rental: $50

We strive to make your breastfeeding journey as easy and stress free as possible, so our hope is that by offering these new products to rent, we can take some of the stress and worry off your plate and replace it with ease and peace of mind. 


If you have any questions about these products or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us here. Or if you’d like to book a rental now, please contact us here.

BD-590 Pediatric Scale

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