Veronica Briggs, CPD, CBS, IBCLC Candidate

The clients I serve are what keep me motivated each day in my career. Whether it be as I facilitate a Childbirth education class, prenatal breastfeeding course, support families during pregnancy/labor as a birth doula, or provide home services as a certified breastfeeding specialist and postpartum doula, the love for this work is forever. Every parent has a unique goal and I cater my care plan to assist in that. Your body your right. My passion for educating all about lactation, birth, maternal and infant mortality, and much more has helped so many parents and I am excited to meet many more families as an intern at Lucky Baby Lactation. 

Connecting with clients comes naturally because I too have encountered my fair share of ups and downs in motherhood. Both of my pregnancies have been high risk battling severe HG and not so simple starts to breastfeeding. My daughters Loren, 11 and Liv, 1 are my loves and they have challenged me in the best way. I am pleased that through much perseverance I have been successful in breastfeeding for over 2 yrs and counting. As I work towards receiving my IBCLC, my current breastfeeding experience has been very educational. 

Breastfeeding was unfamiliar to me growing up. I never knew anyone personally who nursed and there wasn’t anything in print/media. In 2020, we’ve made great strides to change this perception for so many like me, but we still have a long way to go. A world where everyone is aware of their options and fully supported can be within reach. Amazing practices such as Lucky Baby Lactation are essential to all communities. I am extremely grateful for the support of the IBCLCs that have helped me in my breastfeeding journey. 

When I am not meeting families and receiving mentorship at Lucky Baby Lactation, I provide services in South Jersey and Philadelphia in private practice and grant funded community organizations. Policy change is another passion of mine as well as reducing the overall health disparities for black parents. Prior to birthwork, I traveled managing marketing/brand accounts, worked as an insurance underwriter while also running a non-profit, and proudly served Americorps in Philadelphia.